The Emotions of Chess

Disclaimer : I’m not an expert at chess and while I play it religiously I’m barely above average. Feel free to argue in the comments 😉 Chess is an emotional game that seems to thrive through a PR team that stresses on objectivity and calculation. While computers have already proven themselves more superior at chess […]

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Death, Time and Euphemisms

Conversation is a funny thing. The potential of words is astounding and its usage in our daily lives, flat. The art of listening and talking is complex in innumerable ways and the human condition seems to be adept at dealing with it in the worst way possible – small talk. Nobody ever begins a chat […]

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People have always existed on the fringe of my consciousnesses – they seem to flicker with the light as I look on in amusement, marveling at them the way I would marvel at deer in the forest, desperately trying to forge a connection that was entirely about me. Do you, mortal, accept me the way […]

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